The Lightme “First International Conference on Lightweight Materials”, held recently in Milan, was dedicated to the advancement of the industry regarding the progress on materials. Representing the EU H2020 project ALMA, Vanessa Ventosinos from CTAG presented a paper on advanced lightweight materials and processes for the eco-design of electric vehicles based on the ALMA project.

ALMA at Lightme First International Conference on Lightweight Materials

The project stands at the forefront of automotive innovation, developing a novel electric vehicle structure aimed at reducing weight and environmental impact. The approach integrates circular economy principles, ensuring considerations for the environment and cost at the design stages, and enabling new options for end-of-life recovery, repair, reuse, and recycling.

ALMA’s final design boasts a 23% weight reduction and a 36% reduction in carbon footprint compared to baseline Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), making it a significant breakthrough in the field. The project is paving the way for vehicle manufacturers to create more sustainable and efficient electric vehicles without compromising on safety and performance.

For parts suppliers, this opens up new possibilities for incorporating advanced high strength steel, high-performance composites, and advanced steel-hybrid laminates in their offerings. The use of these materials also brings with it the challenge of effective recycling and recovery, presenting a unique opportunity for research and innovation in this field.

As the project continues to make strides in the realm of electric vehicles, we encourage professionals in the automotive industry to follow the project’s developments and engage with the ALMA partners.

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