ALMA Introduction

The ALMA project is demonstrating lightweighting materials and technologies that can reduce the weight of vehicles and thereby reduce the sustainability impact at manufacturing, use and end-of-life stages of the lifecycle. The project expects to reach a minimum of 20% weight reduction relative to the baseline design.

EnlightEV Cluster Introduction

The EU has funded several different projects through its H2020 innovation platform targeting lightweighting for electric vehicles. Lighter vehicles will result in lower consumption, extended range and overall reduced environmental impact. ALMA together with FLAMINGo, LEVIS, REVOLUTION and Fatigue4Light, have created a project cluster to collaborate on common issues and challenges. 


BEVSIM Tool Launch

To assure greater sustainability over the entire life cycle of the vehicle, a comprehensive LCA analysis is necessary that takes into account the use phase and circular effects. ALMA developed BEVSIM to do this efficiently so that different options could be compared and tested. The BEVSIM tool was launched via this webinar on the 21st of April 2022.

LCA in the Automotive Sector

Lifecycle assessments are complex but worthwhile when used properly to asses the possible environmental gains to be made through alternative design of products. ALMA together with EnlightEV partner FLAMINGo organised a webinar dedicated to the role of LCA in the projects of the cluster and the associated strategies and challenges in their application for the automotive industry. The webinar includes participation by the SALEMA project, as well as LEVIS, Fatigue4LIght and REVOLUTION.

Going Circular - EU Innovation Projects

Circularity is a team sport, and so should innovation be considered too. A collection of circularity projects is presented in this webinar organised by ISWA with a final discussion on common themes and challenges encountered by the projects. The webinar was recorded on the 24th of March 2022.

EnlightEVs at EU Green Week

The EU Green Week in 2023 focused on green skills. For industry to become more sustainable, those acting within it must have the knowledge and capability to implement new more sustainable processes and products. The EnlightEVs cluster, featuring ALMA, Fatigue4Light, FLAMINGo, REVOLUTION and LEVIS, presented the essential skills and concepts necessary to transfer the project innovations to the automotive sector.


Meet our partners, and let them tell you why they participate in the ALMA project:

Communication materials

Our communication materials contain resources for project partners, European and international media, and the general public interested in learning more about ALMA. These materials are meant to support ALMA’s communication and dissemination activities and to help stakeholders to promote its new, sustainable and innovative solutions for redesigning the future of e-mobility.

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This poster was presented at the MATCOMP23 Conference, 13-15 June 2023 in Gijon, Spain.