ALMA supports collaborative efforts to innovate and improve the results of projects. For this reason, ALMA is collaborating with other EU H2020 funded projects that are working on similar or complementary goals. In this first stage, the cooperation is mostly geared towards sharing communications and disseminations activities so as to give target audiences a broader view on the latest developments and opportunities. The projects are also actively looking for opportunities for a more technical collaboration.

EnlightEVs Cluster

EnlightEVs Cluster

EnLightEVs is developing innovative solutions, tested in industrial pilots, that can be rapidly applied in the automotive market to reduce EVs weight, while considering structural integrity, passengers’ safety, and sustainability, through eco-design and circular practices.

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Collaboration Partners

ALMA currently has collaboration agreements with the following partners, together they form the EnlightEVs cluster.

Collaboration Activities

These are some of the activities that ALMA has participated in with other projects:

Work Package 1

Putting sustainability by first assessing environmental impacts and costs using a circular approach.
The project will begin with an assessment of the environmental aspects of the product from a circular perspective (Life Cycle Assessment-LCA) and accompanying cost considerations (Life Cycle Cost-LCC) that will serve as the guiding principle of the project. 

Work Package 2

Refining new, innovative material technologies.  

On the technical side, the project will deal with the finetuning of two existing material families suited for lightweight structural applications in road transport.  

Work Package 3

Design the most promising vehicle multi-material structure by presenting an affordable weight reduction with highest possible performance.  

The vehicle architecture and design will be evolved using eco-design principles towards a novel concept of a fully electric vehicle based on innovative multi-material structure culminating into reduced mass and lower environmental impact. 

Joint Project Webinar

Going Circular - EU H2020 Projects Presentation and Discussion


This event, that took place on March 24th 2022, presented a wide range of EU-funded circular economy innovation projects. During this event we brought together policy makers, representatives from industry and academia who communicated on a wide range of EU-funded innovations to contribute to a circular economy.

Areas covered included innovative recycling, plastics and textile circularity, and green automotive innovations.

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Work Package 8

Circular demonstration & model-based characterization.  

Eventually a full virtual verification of the engineering approach and demonstration of the circular use in real deployment conditions will be performed evidencing that the project proposed strategy has reached an integrated and mature level.