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ALMA will be showcasing its new technologies and innovations at the Global Automotive Components and Suppliers (GACS) Expo 2023, which features cutting-edge manufacturing expertise from around the world.

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“Novel EV multi-material platform design made to be reused and recycled that boasts a mass reduction of 146 kg , which translates to a 26% weight reduction compared to the baseline BEV.”

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Practical Innovation vs Disruption

After the ALMA presentation at the EnlightEVs EU Green Week 2023 webinar, our guest speaker challenged the presenter on the choice of working on an existing car frame. By removing legacy limitations, surely we increase the innovation potential? Read more …

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EU Green Week Webinar | Towards a more sustainable mobility through the implementation of advanced solutions and lightweight materials in Electric Vehicles

The EnlightEVs Cluster of automotive lightweighting research and innovation projects hosted an official EU Green Week side event to present their project work as well as how this has resulted in concepts, tools and technologies that the sector should be adopting to develop more practical and efficient vehicles in the future. The webinar was opened by Maurizio Maggiore, Senior Expert from DG Research at the European Commission.

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EnlightEVs Cluster

Register for the EU Green Week Webinar | Towards a more sustainable mobility through the implementation of advanced solutions and lightweight materials in Electric Vehicles

Register for the EnlightEVs Cluster Webinar where innovative solutions that can be rapidly applied in the automotive market to reduce Electric Vehicles’ weight will be presented together with the research outcomes of the five projects. The webinar will bring together representatives of the five projects and sector experts to reflect on the latest development in the field and to define a common vocabulary for future discussions.

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ALMA at Lightme First International Conference on Lightweight Materials

ALMA Project at Lightme Conference

The Lightme “First International Conference on Lightweight Materials”, held recently in Milan, was dedicated to the advancement of the industry regarding the progress on materials. Representing the EU H2020 project ALMA, Vanessa Ventosinos from CTAG presented a paper on advanced lightweight materials and processes for the eco-design of electric vehicles based on the ALMA project.

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Less is More with ALMA at the RTR Conference

The Road Transport Research (RTR) conference, organized by the European Commission, brought together industry experts to discuss the latest advancements and future possibilities in road transport research. One of the themes of the conference was the role of lightweighting projects, such as the ALMA project, and their impact on the European automotive industry. Ms Raquel Ledo from CTAG, project coordinator for ALMA was there to present the project.

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Webinar for LCA in Automotive – Summary and Resources

ALMA and FLAMINGo co-organised an online workshop on the application of LCA in the automotive sector, supported and with the participation of the other projects from the EnlightEV Cluster. The event discussed different approaches to LCA used in the projects. Read on for a report on the highlights, the recordings in case you missed and the presentations if you would like to find out more.

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LCA in Automotive Ecodesign

LCA is specifically important in assessing lightweighting concepts to improve environmental impact. In general, we can expect that lower vehicle weights can be associated with lower environmental impacts, as lighter vehicles will require less energy to move and using less materials should then also decrease the impact during manufacturing. However, this is not always the case, as reducing the weight can come with materials choices that have production methods with more emissions than the ones they replace.

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Webinar: LCA in the Automotive Sector

Together with FLAMINGo, ALMA is organising a workshop that brings together experts in the field of LCA, to discuss their approaches, common challenges and possible solutions. This workshop will be held on 9th of February 2023 with several guests across Europe, among which European Aluminium Association, and Projects REVOLUTION, LEVIS, and fatigue4light will present as guests.

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Project Progress – Half way mark!

After 18 months into this 3 year project, we are halfway through and have at at least shown that that the ambitious goal of a 20% reduction in weight is possible while maintaining safety and improving sustainability at the same time. Here is a summary of the developments so far.

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Closing the Loop – WMW

ALMA has joined forces with Ecobulk, MultiCycle and DECOAT, three other H2020 projects to address Novel innovations to increase recovery and re-use.

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On October 27, ALMA participated in “Recycling in the Automotive Industry”, a Special Day hosted on the ISWA booth during ECOMONDO in Rimini.

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